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    The shift to solar is quite literally changing the world. Moving away from unsustainable and highly damaging fuel sources, enlisting Solar for your home means that you not only help the planet but also benefit from a completely renewable resource that can be turned into electricity for your property! Ideal for all sorts of uses, once the setup has been paid off, you are enjoying non-stop free power, coming directly from the sun! Rocky Mountain Solar Company is your local expert West Jordan, UT, Solar Company, here to provide premium standard solar services to our local communities that will transform the way we live and work for both our environment and our pockets!

    About Us

    Are you looking for the number one West Jordan Solar Company? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place! Rocky Mountain Solar Company is your local expert Solar Company, here to provide premium standard services to our communities at any stage of their solar journey. From initial installation to repairs, Maintenance, Cleaning, Battery Addition, and more, you name it and we can help! Our team of highly skilled solar experts will be pleased to listen carefully to your inquiry and then create a custom service that provides exactly what you need, in every way, with your solar energy setup!


    Rocky Mountain Solar Company is the number one West Jordan, UT, Solar Company that can be relied on for exceptional standard results! Incredibly passionate about the transformation that solar power offers, we are here to help you achieve what you need to go solar. This includes the initial installation of general solar panels as well as battery additions and EV chargers, alongside Maintenance, Cleaning, Repairs, and Funding assistance as required. Our team of experts are unrivaled in their experience and training, and guarantee a custom service that you can rely on for long-lasting and outstanding results!

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    Solar Panels

    If you are interested in finding out more about how the installation of solar panels can transform the way you live on your property, get in touch with us right away! As your local experts, the team here at Rocky Mountain Solar Company will be glad to listen to your inquiry and then provide helpful and honest guidance on the best steps for you and your unique home. We are available for unrivaled standard installation, maintenance, cleaning, and repair services.

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    The inclusion of a battery in your solar system is key in creating optimum functionality and money-saving for your home! Our wide range of battery solutions means that we have something for everyone, and can meet all practical requirements, preferences, and budgets. With the battery incorporated in your solar energy setup, you will be able to store energy created and use it later when you need it most, such as evenings and on cloudy days!

    “Rocky Mountain Solar Company are so great to work with. I have them come out twice a year for general maintenance on my solar panels and they are always very thorough and reliable. Highly recommended!”  – Tess W

    EV Chargers

    An electric vehicle is an excellent way to live in a more environmentally friendly way whilst saving yourself money! Add in the Solar Charger at home and life is completely different! As your local experts here in West Jordan, UT, we are pleased to offer unrivaled standard services that are custom-designed to meet your every need. Ideal for an initial installation, general maintenance or Cleaning requirement, Repair or Replacement, whatever you need to get your EV on the road, we are the people for you!

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    In the past, financing solar power systems has put people off… this need not be the case anymore! Here at Rocky Mountain Solar Company, our support does not only include the solar panels themselves. We also make sure to offer current and extensive support to the people of West Jordan, UT, as they undertake the financial aspect of installing and maintaining solar too. Get in contact and our team of experts will be pleased to assist you with this.

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    “I had Rocky Mountain Solar Company install a battery in my solar power setup and it has made the world of good. It’s already saving us money as now we don’t have to rely on the grid overnight!”–Adam F

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    To preserve your Solar Panels over the years, you need to keep them properly maintained. Here at Rocky Mountain Solar Company, we are proud to offer a premium standard service to our local communities that can be relied on to keep and maintain optimum energy production for your home long-term. Available with a flexible setup and affordable prices, whether you are looking for a one-off appointment, or something regularly scheduled, get in touch to find out more!

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    Solar FAQ

    There are many questions about Solar that we hear regularly. The main one is ‘Is Solar Worth It?’… the answer is yes! With all of the amazing government-led tax incentives and funds, now is the time to make the change. Our range of services are available to support you at any stage, from installation to repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and replacement. Get in touch to find out more about any of our works and will be glad to support you to set up the ideal solar power system just for you and your home!

    “Rocky Mountain Solar Company did an amazing job installing my solar system. Thank you!” – Ailey M

    Contact Us Today

    To find out more about your West Jordan, UT, expert Solar Company, get in touch! We will be glad to listen to your inquiry and then offer honest advice to get your property running the best it can. To contact the team here at Rocky Mountain Solar Company, you can simply give us a call. Our phone number is listed here on this website and it is available during regular office hours. Alternatively, fill in our online contact form and we will give you a call back as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your exciting, transformative solar journey!