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EV Chargers

an electric car plugged in to a charge station

An electric vehicle is already an amazing step to living in a more environmentally friendly way, and saves money at the same time! Your next step is to harness the incredible, sustainable power of the sun to keep you on the road. For this, you need your local expert solar company; a team that you can trust to help you meet your every practical requirement as well as preferences and budget. For the best of all the West Jordan, UT, solar energy companies, Rocky Mountain Solar Company are the team to rely on to provide exactly what you need for your EV charging requirements!

All About EV Chargers

Solar-powered EV chargers are the smartest way to charge your car! By transforming the energy of the sun into electricity, our high-quality technology will recharge the battery on your electric vehicle in a way that is environmentally sustainable and financially way more viable than alternatives! Boost your fantastic EV purchase, and go the whole way with solar power charging solutions! Get in contact and we will be glad to help!

Install your perfect EV Charger!

As the number one provider in the area, we are proud to offer options that meet all needs. You can choose from a ‘Slow’, ‘Fast’, or ‘Rapid’ charger alongside many different brands, setups, and power outputs. This may sound daunting, but our helpful team will be pleased to listen carefully to all of your inquiries and then support you in achieving the perfect setup for your vehicle and its needs. Once these decisions have been made, our incredibly skilled team will perform a custom installation that achieves optimum energy production on your site, efficiently and effectively.

Repairs and Maintenance

If you are experiencing an issue with your EV charging solar power systems, get in touch right away! We will be glad to dispatch a member of our team to your property, where they will undertake a thorough inspection of the equipment. With the information uncovered, they will create a repair that will restore optimum condition to the setup. We also offer maintenance and cleaning services as required to keep your solar panels in top condition!

How much are solar panels?

The cost of solar panels will vary depending on the choices you make, such as the brand, size, and usage involved. It may be that you intend your solar panel system to provide only for your electric vehicle, or perhaps it will be part of a larger system that connects to other appliances. Whatever you require, our friendly team will be pleased to provide you with honest and reliable advice that means you can meet your budget, practical requirements, and preferences with ease. We offer a range of options so that you can buy solar panels that fit easily with your plans. We will undertake the purchasing and our solar installation service is priced affordably so that you can be assured of expert installation achievements at a price that sits comfortably with your needs!

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