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a solar panel laying on the ground next to a building

Helping the environment and becoming completely financially sustainable is the ideal way to move forward in your West Jordan, UT, home! Unfortunately, for many the initial costs have often put them off. In today’s world, however, those problems are a thing of the past! Here at Rocky Mountain Solar Company, we are pleased to offer financial support to everyone who needs it, ensuring you can achieve a Financing option that is realistic and stress-free for you, as well as including the tax and finance benefits that you are entitled to by the government. For a Solar Company that you can rely on to make this process easier, get in touch today to find out more and we will be glad to help!


We can all agree that going solar is a great idea…it saves you money and environmental damage in the long run, what could be better? It does however come with an upfront cost that to some is unmanageable. If this is you, we are pleased to offer a Financing solution that will be custom-created just for you. Please feel welcome to get in touch with our friendly and trustworthy team so that you can discuss exactly what you need to take this next step into solar! Our team member will work through your options with you so that you can find the ideal solar solution perfect for your home!


The installation of your new solar panels is an exciting time! As passionate providers of solar services, we are pleased to offer an unrivaled standard of services in a way that makes life easier for our communities. We ensure that all processes are simple and convenient and that the scheduling matches your requirements with ease. All prices are set affordable and our team works efficiently and effectively, usually completing an installation service within one day. Help yourself to keep costs low by enlisting our expert support!

Maintenance and Repairs

Once your solar panels are installed, you start to establish a great financial position! If however, you need some assistance with a Maintenance or Repair service, do not hesitate to get in contact with us! Our friendly customer service representative will listen carefully to your situation and then offer guidance and advice on the next best steps to take. They will support you in setting up the required financing if needed so that you can continue with your solar journey for financial sustainability!

Solar panel cost and how it can be assisted by the government?

There are several ways that the government encourages homeowners to move forward in their homes with solar power. These financial incentives are a great way to support your transition and maintenance and include support for the solar panels prices themselves as well as the service of installing solar panels on your home. As your local experts, we ensure that we stay up to date with these often-changing financial supports, and will assist you to benefit from exactly what you are entitled to!

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