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two men working on a solar panel roof

Once you have installed your solar power for homes system, you need to keep on top of it so that it remains at optimum functionality long-term! As your local West Jordan, UT, expert Solar Company, Rocky Mountain Solar Company is here to ensure your Maintenance and Cleaning services are performed regularly and to the highest standard. Our team of experts has many years of experience undertaking these tasks and utilizes only the latest and most effective technologies, products, and equipment for top-standard results!

Solar Panel Maintenance Requirements

Your solar panel system is constantly exposed to the elements so over time issues can occasionally develop. These can be avoided when proper maintenance is performed. As your local experts, we offer a maintenance service that you can rely on to keep your solar panels in premium condition. Our Maintenance service includes servicing the laminated component of the panels to avoid internal corrosion/ rusting, checking for cracks in the surface of the panel, ensuring even functionality of the PV cell (locating hot spot heating), ensuring safe aging processes, inspecting the inverter, and looking out for animal damage, especially birds, rodents, and snail trails which can impair the function of your panel!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels require semi-regular cleaning services to make sure that they have maximum exposure to the sun for energy production! Our cleaning service is an affordable way to make sure that this is the case so that you can simply enjoy your sustainable and free energy. We will keep the panels from any obstructing items or dirt that could prevent optimum energy production, and cause eventual degradation of functionality. We recommend that you enlist this service approximately every six months.

How much does Cleaning and Maintenance for solar panels cost?

As passionate believers in the importance of solar power in our global future, we do everything we can to support our communities to make the shift to solar! This includes supporting you once the installation has taken place. We go the extra mile to make sure that you are achieving optimum energy production long term, and our high-quality Maintenance and Cleaning services can be relied on to provide premium standard results in a way that meets your every need. We offer practical convenience, high-standard results, and affordable prices all in one package!

Why Us?

Having served our local communities for many years, we are your local experts who can be relied upon to achieve optimum results for your property. We apply meticulous attention to detail in every service that we undertake, making sure that your solar power system is at its most effective functionality all year round. We do all of this at an affordable price and with convenient booking and scheduling setups so that you can enlist our support simply. All you need to do is get in touch and we will be glad to book you a one-off appointment or you can set up a rolling, regular Cleaning and Maintenance Service!

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