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Solar FAQ

a man in a hard hat working on a solar panel

Solar power is the best way to transform the way you live in your West Jordan, UT, home! Allowing you to be sustainable, financially efficient, and benefit from tax incentives, investing in solar power is the clear direction going forward globally. As the number one solar company in the area, Rocky Mountain Solar Company is proud to offer unrivaled quality services that you can rely on to achieve optimum results for your home and lifestyle! Simply get in touch with any more of your questions and we will be glad to help you take your next steps!

Are solar panels worth it?

The first question we always hear! ‘Are solar panels for my house worth it?’. Our answer is absolutely yes! They will transform the way that you live, helping you to be way more environmentally friendly as well as financially sustainable and effective. Our services will support you to create a custom setup so that whatever you require can be met. You may wish to enlist solar to power your home or you can go smaller and install a solar EV Charger. Whatever you are thinking of, solar power will allow you to be less reliant on the grid, benefit from a free resource that just keeps on giving, and leave less of a footprint on the planet! A win in every corner!

Are there different types of Solar Panels?

Yes! There are many different types of solar panels that will be more or less suited to your requirements. As your local experts, we are pleased to offer a wide range of options, that are ideal for all home setups, all sun exposure levels, all intended uses, and all budgets. We work with diverse brands, as well as styles and output quantities. Our friendly and highly knowledgeable team will guide you through a simple process to set up the ideal solar solution that gets your home running on solar in just the way you need it to!

How much does a solar panel cost?

Solar panel prices vary depending on the choices that you make for your setup. Our wide range of high-quality solar panels, batteries, and other technologies, are designed to meet all needs, from properties with limited sun exposure to charging electric vehicles to rooftop mounts, ground mounts, and much more. Whatever your goal is with solar, we will be happy to bring it to reality! Within our diverse ranges, we have something to suit all budgets, starting at extremely affordable and going up to higher-end solutions.

Do you help with financial assistance?

Absolutely yes! As a team of people who are incredibly passionate about the importance of solar power in our community’s future, we do everything that we can to ensure the transition and staying in solar is simple and easy! This includes ensuring that you can benefit from all government finance support available to you. Our team stays on top of the often-changing incentives and supports you to apply and maintain your benefited status as entitled!

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