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Solar Panels

a couple of men working on a solar panel

Rocky Mountain Solar Company is your local expert here to provide unrivaled standard solar panels for homes to the people of West Jordan, UT. With extensive experience as the leading local solar company, we are proud to offer a wide range of solar solutions that will transform the way you live and use your home! By investing in solar today you will save money in the not-so-distant future, and become incredibly environmentally friendly!

What is Solar Power?

Solar power is an environmentally friendly way to generate power. It takes energy from the sun and converts it into electricity that can be utilized to run your home or commercial operations. The most common way that this is achieved involves the use of a solar panel. The photovoltaic cells convert the sunlight into an electric current which then runs to your property to power it, or can be stored in a battery for use when required. Vastly better for the environment than other power types and cost-efficient (energy is free once your installation has been paid off!), the addition of an off-grid solar system will transform your home for the better!

Why Solar Panels for Your Home?

Solar power for homes is ideal. They will enable you to become incredibly more environmentally friendly in the footprint of your property as well as benefit from up to 80% lower energy bills, which, at this time of soaring power prices, is a huge help! Our range of residential solar panels means that you can select the perfect setup for your needs. Depending on the location of your home and where the sunlight is most available, you may require roof-mounted panels or ground-mounted panels, and different brands, types, and sizes will offer different results that will be more or less suited to your needs. Our team of experts will assist you to ensure optimum results to rejuvenate the way you power your home!

How much do solar panels cost?

One of the first questions we often hear is ‘How much does solar panel installation and function cost?’. This is a great question and can vary depending on the choices that you make. As passionate believers in the global transition to solar power, we are pleased to offer something to suit any budget and will assist you in benefiting from all financial assistance and tax incentives. From affordable prices to higher-end options, you will work closely with one of our solar experts, to ensure optimum results that suit you and the use of your home uniquely.

Our Services

As the number one experts in solar panels for homes, we are pleased to offer an array of services that will support you to achieve exactly what you require for your site. This includes from initial installation through to repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. Our solar panel installation involves a custom design service to achieve exactly what is required for your usage and property, and all repairs and maintenance are performed in direct response to our findings from an in-depth initial inspection.

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